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Right Place,
Right Time

By Peter Freestone

Limited edition of 1946 copies. Each book is hand-numbered and signed by the author.

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This book documents the life of Peter Freestone, how he developed the characteristics that were Freddie Mercury’s choice of personal assistant for the last twelve years of his life. It also takes you on the journey of how he has used the lessons learned by Mercury’s side, in his quest to make life a little more bearable for the current generation.

From South London to the streets of Calcutta and the heights of a boarding school in South India, to Selfridges, the Royal Opera House, London and then on to Freddie Mercury.

Following Mercury’s early death he did work in a hospital, the nearest he came to his original plan and meeting Queen fans around the world to help them on their path to accept the loss of their hero.

Using his life experiences to travel the world educating the current youth of today about the ever present dangers of HIV/AIDS incorporating the TFA Project, the brainchild of a young Czech man, Milan Devinne, this biography brings us up to date with Freestone becoming a citizen of his beloved Czech Republic and shows how he was in the Right Place at the Right Time!

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews

Touching the personality of Freddie Mercury made me want to listen to more QUEEN music.

Knut Erik Gaustad

Very good read

Anthony Hudson
Enjoyable Book

I enjoyed reading about some of Peter Freestone's history with Freddie Mercury and his life apart from those days. It is a book about life, his life, and many will enjoy it. I did.

Jason Du Preez

Right Place, Right Time

rowena Crichton-Stuart
Still glued to it xxxr